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Look Book / Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

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Outfit 01

The first outfit I want to share with you on my fashion blog, is this overall jean minidress over a camel jumper. That was worn Wednesday to go to school. Outside, I simply put a black coat over and some gloves. This is a warm, cute and feminine look that I liked. This jumper is so soft, I am wearing it way too much. I like to pair jean whit warm colors. I think it is very Fall and Winter “trendy”. Black is great as completive colors but grey or with could have done it too. I added a pair of tight because it is almost winter here and it cold outside.


Unlike other years, the cold took a lot of time to arrive, but today we reached a great -10 celsius. Unfortunately, there’s no snow for now. But until then I can still enjoy putting shoes outside, instead of winter boots.

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Outfit 02

The second outfit was Thursday. We went shopping and do the grocery, so outside I was a bit cold, but inside the car or the shops, it was totally fine. When I go shopping I like to put comfortable clothes and a good pair of shoes. You know, with converses I know I can’t be mistaken. Tee and high-waisted jeans are also a good pick for a day out in the mall. I like to stick with mixes of colors I know works together. Like red, black/white and denim. I did an outfit in one of my last post with similar colors. When you notice outfits that seems to be getting well together it is usually because they are color matching. That means that the combination of color is pleasant for the eye and also that you have seen it somewhere else.


Also, I really need a new bag so the one I used to go out that day is not showing up in the picture because it’s simply not fitting. Lol. That is definitely the next thing I’ll buy myself.

As you can see in this picture, I have pretty wide legs, just know that I am not a model. I love fashion and I love wearing it, but I am not made to go in front of the camera. We can’t have everything after all! In my youth, I used to play soccer in the summer so that’s why I have a so “muscular” bottom. Personnaly, I don’t particularly think that I look great but if that’s the way I am I should at least be okay with it.  A lot of author of fashion blog are model-like, I noticed. Happy to bring diversity to the internet and a more “real-life-looking-woman”.

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Outfit 03

The third outfit was on Friday. I had an appointment so I decided to be a little more “chic”. I did not want to look like I was going to the court, so I mixed my white shirt with black jeans instead of black pants. Staying neutral was my goal with black, white and grey. The coat I am wearing in this outfit cost is valued near to 100$, I ended up getting it fort 20$. If you are interested how and why see my post about 3 Shopping Hacks Every Broke Fashion Lover Should Know.


For this outfit, I did have a nice bag that day but I forgot to include it. It was a “messenger bag” (I think that’s the way we call it) like a man-university-leather bag if you see what I mean. I know that my pictures are low quality, but I will try to get my boyfriend to help my taking them because alone it’s very difficult. I should invest in camera. that would be a great Christmas grift!

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For more tricks on how to mix your clothes go see my previous post on A Fashion Blog: Colors Patterns and Textures

So that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed! If you have comments, questions or suggestions do not hesitate at all! See you soon.


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