40 Great Christmas Gifts Ideas

Holidays / Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Christmas Gifts Time!


When winter arrives, this means Christmas is approaching. And what comes with it? Christmas gifts! Obviously. But it is not easy to come up with ideas all the time for everyone. This year I had a bit of problem to find everyone’s gift and being a student means that I had not a lot of money to spend on Christmas gifts. So I decided to make a little box full of little things for everyone. This ensures that if you make a mistake it is not 100% of the gift that is wasted. So here’s a list of great gifts you can offer to your friends and family to put in your basket or surprise box!

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List of 40 Christmas Gifts Idea

1-Fancy tea

2-Beard oil or lotion

3- Lippie kit for

4-Body lotion with fragrance

5-Christmas comfy socks

6-A box of cute pencils

7-Family board game

8-Show tickets

9-DVD of a TV show

10-New pair of headphones

11-Poopourie(click here to see what it is)

12-A blanket

13-Nail polish


15-A watch

16-Candies and or chocolate

17-Fancy body soap

18-Fragrance candles

19- A tools kit for guys

20-A phone case (this site is great)

21- A Tie

22-Bath bomb

23-Reusable drink container

24-Fancy beers

25-Bubble bath

26-Fancy glasses with cool design

27-A significant necklace

28-Comfy slippers

29-A special mug

30-A book

31-Cute tea infuser

32-Gift card

33-Any treat you can put in a mason jar with Christmas decoration

34-A portable phone charger

35-A Bluetooth speaker

36-Cheese board set

37-Hot sauce ( those are a real challenge)


39-A pyjama

40-Any DIY thing you can make yourself

41- A beauty subscription box ( get her a gift each month : clic here)


So here it is. I used almost all items here to make my Christmas gifts list this year. I also recommend putting everything in a small box so it looks fuller. You can also put the Christmas gifts on a mass of silk paper if you only have large boxes. Sometimes adding a little cute non-gift item may help to make the inside of the box cute, like a piece of spruce branch or tree cones.

Hope this was helpful.


See you soon



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